AFDX® is the new data bus of the aircraft A380, the A350 and the A400M.

AFDX® – ARINC 664 Part 7

Since November 2013 the EC Comp GmbH is an official AFDX® licensee of the Airbus Group. All questions on the subject of AFDX® we are happy to answer you.

AFDX® is the communication standard that was introduced with the A380 and is now also used in the A350 and A400M. By working directly with Airbus is ensuring that we have all necessary information to meet the requirements and specifications of the Airbus AFDX® standard.

If you obtain or redistribute AFDX® products of EC Comp GmbH, so no further AFDX® royalties will be due. The included in the prices AFDX® royalties are paid directly by the EC Comp GmbH to Airbus.

Trademark and patent rights of Airbus 

The Airbus Group holds various patents regarding the AFDX® technology and owns the trademark for the term AFDX®.

Concept and Technology

AFDX® stands for Avionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet and is also known as ARINC 664 Part 7. The ARINC document A664 Part 7 describes the details and the overall functioning of the AFDX® system are described. AFDX® is based on the Fast Ethernet Technology (100 Mbit/s) - enhanced by additional determinism and redundancy measures to enable secure data transmission .

The required bandwidth for each connected end system (ES) must be calculated and specified in advance. Since the size of the data packets is determined and the frequency of transmission is defined by the transmission rate, the required bandwidth can be calculated. The transmission rate specifies the intervals at which data packets are sent.

The AFDX® bus is redundant. The primary network A is referred to as the RED network and the secondary network B as the BLUE network. An AFDX® end system processes only the data packet first received and discards the corresponding, redundant data packet on the other network.

Boeing, Comac and other companies have taken over the AFDX standard for new aircraft programs.

For more information visit Wikipedia or the Airbus Technology Licensing Homegage. 

AFDX® is a registered trademark of Airbus.