AFDX® Suite

The AFDX® Suite has been designed for easy, quick analysis and simulation of AFDX® systems. The AFDX® Suite is purely software based. No special hardware is required to send or receive AFDX® data. COTS components * are successfully used and have shown even under difficult conditions that no AFDX® hardware is required to comply with the AFDX® specification.

Hardware requirements of the AFDX® Suite
The software we have developed is independent of specific hardware AFDX®. Standard hardware is used and the installation of the AFDX® software on your computer is not required. If desired, the developed software is available on a bootable USB flash drive (USB hard drive) comes with a fully installed operating system. Thus it can be made ​​from a commercially available notebook (COTS hardware) by a simple boot AFDX® equipment. Access to the internal hard drive is not required, thus computers can be used with an encrypted hard disk (e.g. SafeGuard Easy or Microsoft Bitlocker).

Of course, there is a Windows 7 / Windows 8 version.

UTC send / UTC transmitter
You need a UTC transmitter for your first AFDX project? Ask us for your free version.

COTS = Commercial off the Shelf. The term refers to standard hardware from the mass production, unlike special equipment from individual production.
** ICD = ICD Interface Control Document. The ICD's contain the interface specification of the manufacturer.