Software developers can license the AFDX stack for integration into their own applications. The software controls two Ethernet interfaces to read and write AFDX data. Controlled by user defined format information it takes care of AFDX compliant preparation and processing of the data to be transmitted. This applies equally for data received: After checking against the user defined AFDX format information only information from the relevant AFDX virtual links and messages is extracted.

The AFDX Stack includes an optional data reduction feature that allows pre-filtering of the AFDX data and transmits only required data to your application. Thus, your application will be kept free of all AFDX information not required. Data reduction by a factor of 1000 is possible.

In tests the software was operated on an A350 AFDX switch monitor port, and it could process the AFDX data. On a monitor port, the AFDX data from up to twelve (!!!) AFDX ports accumulates.

We gladly provide you with further information on request.