AFDX Switch

The AFDX Switch for easy manipulation of the AFDX data on message-level. Discard targeted AFDX data to manipulate AFDX systems.

The portable AFDX Switch is the solution for the system developer, tester and user who

  • carries out BITE* tests (the receiving system is required to report interruptions of transmission)
  • launches an AFDX interface and wants to test it with selected data
  • wants to reduce big AFDX data recordings by keeping only the relevant signals
  • want to filter out the relevant information from large data files AFDX

These are only examples for the possible use cases.

The existing AFDX data link and message ID (MsgID) are tabulated for both data directions, and packet forwarding can be suppressed for each combination of VL and MsgID. This works even for fragmented data packets!

The portable AFDX Switch supports two Ethernet interfaces and is used e. g. in the connection between the aircraft AFDX Switch and the end system.

The picture shows the AFDX Switch forwarding only three Virtual Links / Messages selected from the entire data stream.

AFDX data is received by the switch on eth0 (eth=Ethernet interface) and transmitted on eth1.
The AFDX Monitor is connected with eth1 and only receives those AFDX data packets that are being forwarded by the AFDX Switch.

Only the VLs and MsdIds having a white background in the AFDX Switch picture will be forwarded.
The activation and deacivation is done by mouseclick.

* BITE = Built-In Test Equipment