MICS, the Modular Integrated Communication System in ARINC 763 housing.

There should be an evidence by demonstrating whether the I/O performance of the new backplane from the customer in conjunction with the available Q7 CPU module is powerful enough to integrate a communication server for multimedia applications on it. The system has a size of 100 * 100 mm and is located in a ARINC 763 housing.

To prove the infrastructure from the cockpit and cabin area had to be simulated in an open and closed area. These four areas (cabin open, cabin securecockpit open and cockpit secure) had to be added into simulation. These four areas were also realized on computers in the ARINC 763 housing, the cabin area and the cockpit area were each mapped onto a computer.

The study has shown that such applications are easily run on these computer systems today.

Meanwhile, Intel has brought the NUC system on the market, which is identical to the dimensions of the backplane of our customers. This rapid development and availability of high-performance computer modules is guaranteed. NUC stands for Next Unit of Computing.