Smart Home

The term smart can be found in daily life and therefore already very strained. If a lamp can be turned on and off by a smartphone, then will already spoken of Smart Home, Smart Lightning. To distinguish them, we have our Smart Home solution given the additional Intelligent, because they can respond intelligently to changes in the weather. Or on the incidence of light, the UV radiation, the CO2 concentration in the air to control the ventilation system. In addition to the control of the consumer, the heat sources are included in the system also.

Therefore, we call our solution Intelligent Smart Home. Intelligent is also the possibility to operate the system without an Internet connection and store all data locally. Thus, your data is safe, you care about your data and you can control the use of the data.

We also do not like island solutions, therefore we support the popular protocols available on the market. Your existing sensors and actuators can be used in most cases further. Thus we have a central smart home server for many products. Whether old or new.

The required hardware for the server is also manageable. Starting with a single-board computer for less than 50,-- € (60,-- $) smaller solutions can be realized.

Currently there is an expert system. Our developers are, however, to realize an extremely user-friendly solution. The usability concept has been verified in primary classes and serves as a base for our developments.

Stay tuned for our Intelligent Smart Home solution.