You want to transfer your ICD's in an easily readable and structured XML format? Need a description of the AFDX structure in XSD Format?

XLS file - Description of the AFDX structure
We can provide the description of the AFDX structure in the form of an XLS file for your projects. We are gladly to support you.

Convert ICDs
ICDs are the interface description files (Interface Control Documents) of the AFDX systems. Our ICD converter can convert these to XML format. The pooling of several system ICDs supports the ICD converter. By this way you can get a complete system overview over your systems.

You need the IO definitions for your MBSE model? Use the XML files of the ICD Converter to define quickly and easily the systems in your MBSE system. The ICDs are welcome to be converted by us into the XML format. Please contact us if you have any questions.