We  take care about software developments by customer order or for our own projects. Our AFDX Suite we develop as a own product since 2010.

Software development for the AFDX bus
Since 2010 we have built up our knowledge in the field of software development in the aviation sector. Today we have a highly specialized knowledge about the AFDX bus system and the evaluation and display of the transmitted AFDX data. Encrypted data (eg, BITE, SID, SNMP) are displayed in plain text and are thus understood without special knowledge. Our top priority is a user-friendly programming. The response of the user confirms us in our actions.

If you are in the aviation sector, specifically require development capacity in AFDX environment, please contact us at any time. Of course, we can also develop other software. Due to the origin of our developers in the automotive sector, there is also extensive knowledge regarding of the CAN bus available. That our employees are highly motivated and flexible that we need not mention here.

Intelligent Smart Home
A new project is the Intelligent Smart Home. Smart Home is for us more than light on and off. The intelligent control of heat generator and the heat consumer is here a point. Data security also. You decide what happens to your data and no third party. Thus, our systems are "save". Currently, there are expert systems. The development of a simple and intuitive system is in the implementation.

Design / Redesign of systems
On behalf of our clients complex systems are specified and demonstrate the functionality eg on the basis of demonstrators. Existing systems are applied to a redesign and adapted to the current state of the art. This applies to the existing software, hardware, and available transmission paths.

Network topologies
Adjustments of the AFDX standards to other network topologies that can be implemented with less effort in the network area, are possible. Thus, for example, be dispensed AFDX switches and redundant star topology network with these network solutions. However, this reduction of effort in the field of network infrastructure does not have to go hand in hand with the loss of redundancy!

In the environment of smaller airplanes or helicopters this makes sense, because the weight and cost savings are very noticeable.