The integration of modified and new systems in the series must be performed with minimal residual risk. Our experience for your safety. Since 2001, we assist our clients in ensuring the system maturity in the form of individual tests and the review of the overall systems, where are first put all the components together as original equipment in operation and verified. Here, a very realistic scenario installation should be chosen, if possible, to include all components in the complete review.

In practice, it has proven that it is very positive for the series production. Here, the function is not only tested, but also the installation situation, the cable incl. the bending radius, the cables lengths and mounting options of the plugs. Not to be underestimated are the next to other systems be used in the environment of your own system, such as a pipe of an air conditioner needs to move "your" cable around. In this case, the required cable length increases. If such problems discovered in the final assembly, so the costs and time delays are significantly larger.